Authentic Collaboration

Too often when we hear the word ‘collaboration’ we have had an experience where it meant that the strongest person influenced the whole, and everyone else had to ‘collaborate’ with them. This is not collaboration. True collaboration—authentic collaboration—is created when a genuine and generous regard and care for the collective is present. Collaboration liberates and multiplies capital—not just financial capital, but human capital and organizational capital, ie, the innate gifts and strengths such as wisdom, care, and beauty, that translate into priceless value.

In learning about and creating collaboration, we explore the following themes:

  • The ‘I – Thou’ relationship, vs. the ‘I – It’ relationship
  • The power of being congruent, ie, telling the truth about who we are in any given moment and being able to just ‘be’ that without shame, excuses or judgement
  • The difference between ‘power with’ vs. ‘power over’
  • How all relationships are systems, and work within a dynamic exchange of influences
  • How to cultivate trust of yourself and with others
  • The importance of boundaries within collaboration and teamwork
  • The art of listening