CEOs and Executives

Your work is your creative expression, and undoubtedly want it to reflect what is deeply important to you. Being a professional, you will encounter speed bumps, conflicts, confusion, and unexpected shifts along the way. A CEO has the loneliest job in the world. Their direct reports expect the CEO to have all the answers, even though they often don’t. Their Board expect the same. With whom can the CEO share their concerns? A trusted advisor outside their system is the answer. In a safe environment, CEO’s and Executives can gain new perspectives and profound learnings on their issues with one or several of the faculty of the Institute of the Southwest.

Having mentorship in the form of private sessions or work within a group setting of trusted peers is invaluable. We assist Executives and CEOs in the mastery collaborative leadership, gaining and cultivating trust, and the understanding of right use of power within their life and work. We assist you in finding your ‘true north’ in terms of their own convictions and vision, and how to align their hours and days to serve that true north so that you may lead from your deepest gifts.

In service to your calling, we provide:

  • Private mentoring
  • Private retreats
  • Custom-created workshops and intensives with your direct reports, board or executive team
  • Support through transition (ie, mergers, acquisitions, change of career, life change)

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