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We serve companies and organizations across sectors and industries and who face essential developmental or transitional opportunities, who want clarity about what they are doing, and who want to explore strategies for deeper meaning and success.

Organizations and workplaces all suffer from the increasing tension between the metric perspective on success, and the human, narrative story that defines, enables and limits the capacity of human beings to match the exponential increases occurring in techno-metric growth. Many are feeling pressed to keep raising the bar, to always create ‘more with less.’

These ever-quickening techno-metrics conspire to inhibit our ability to listen, to reflect, to move at the pace of wisdom, purpose or meaning. Organizations that seek to thrive using collaborative, mindfully sustainable practices swim against a tide of disengagement, exhaustion, stress, fear, and lack of meaning. The path of top-down, non-collaborative leadership has outlived its time; it wastes resources, irreparably damages living systems everywhere, and threatens enthusiasm, creativity innate passion and overall well-being. Attentive leaders and organizations everywhere seek proven, sustainable models for the way forward.

Many consulting groups answer this need merely by refining the top-down approach (we have better, more techno-savvy answers to solve your problems) that simply echo the failed systems we need to escape. In response, new learning organizations have emerged in the past forty years, groups that model an approach centered on mutually engaged respectful inquiry, curiosity and learning. As such a learning organization, the Institute of the Southwest emphasizes pedagogical models their clients can use for ongoing learning or training, specifically to lay the foundation for their clients’ independent, self- organizing growth, development and evolution.

We serve the needs of those who have the power to shape the culture of their organization and/or community, and who also share the curiosity and inspiration to be innovative in practices consistent with our vision and mission.

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