Conflict Resolution

In your organization or family…

  • Is there a sense of tension that is palpable?
  • Are issues repeating themselves without resolution?
  • Is the general well-being and effectiveness of all members being affected?
  • Are agreements not being implemented because people aren’t committed to them?
  • Are there important matters that don’t get discussed?

The Institute’s approach to conflict management is grounded in developing common understanding through encouraging clear, safe, yet courageous conversations. We help participants identify root causes and then move toward resolution using an exploratory and trust-building approach. Our mentors and consultants strive to move people’s energy in a positive, constructive direction.

Some strategies we may employ:

  • Safe boundary setting and boundary keeping
  • Skill-building, including constructive confrontation and improved listening
  • Learning win-win scenarios
  • Making agreements and being mutually accountable
  • Building an appreciation of how differences—the multiple dimensions of diversity—come into play
  • Understanding the unconscious neurological aspects of conflict and how to manage them
  • Setting up new systems to improve communication

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