The Institute of the Southwest offers many programs for couples seeking to enrich their relationship through inquiry, curiosity, self-care and the cultivation of authenticity and deep friendship. Immersed in the quiet of the high desert mountains of Northern New Mexico, Santa Fe offers the perfect setting for giving your relationship the time to reflect and discover. Whether you choose a series of private Equus Experience sessions, or a four-day private sabbatical retreat, or a one-day transitional intensive, you will come away feeling revitalized, empowered and clear. Each program is custom created to meet your specific needs. Please call us or , to discuss your options.

One-day Transitional Intensive – if you are finding yourselves in a potent life transition through loss, change or other life circumstance that requires your attention, presence and clarity, or you and your partner wish to give yourselves some intensive time to work on a particular issue, this program is especially designed to meet those challenges you face.

Sabbatical Retreat – An individual, personalized retreat for you and your partner is made of unhurried days, mindfully crafted to serve your particular needs and intentions. Through collaboration, inquiry, contemplation, curiosity, and exploration, you and your partner will have the opportunity to discover one another’s hidden gifts and strengths, discover the ‘why’ of your relationship, and re-orient yourselves towards a more authentic, honest and passionate life together.

Contact Wayne Muller for more information at 505.930.1978 or .