Creating Common-Wealth

At the Institute of the Southwest, common-wealth is one of our favorite terms. It describes a way of thinking that implies a win-win for everyone, where everyone benefits, and endeavors are for the good of all. It presumes that we are all in this together, living and working within a unified reality of dynamic systems and interrelationships.

The premise of common-wealth is that everything is alive, or functions within a living system—our bodies, our relationships, even our organizations (which are essentially a collection of human beings). Treating them like an ‘it’, rather than with reverence and genuine care, places us, and those around us at risk. Working with everything as a living system, or living organism helps us forge thriving marriages, bodies, companies and communities. This in turn liberates capital within a system, creating a common wealth for the benefit of all.

In supporting the creation of common-wealth with our clients, we explore:

  • How generosity creates a leading edge in the corporate culture
  • How relationship is reciprocity
  • Identifying and lifting up the gifts and strengths in others
  • Operating on a strength assessment rather than a needs assessment
  • Flipping the donor / recipient paradigm
  • Cultivating the flow between receiving and giving
  • How receiving is a gift
  • Unravelling the culture of taking
  • Deconstructing the silos