Defining Culture

Who are you as an organization, company or a family business? We are not talking about the rote ‘values and mission statement’ too often trotted out without meaning or understanding. We are talking about the real philosophical underpinning of an organization—that which was born of a particular passion, desire, gift or love. It is usually grounded in some kind of higher calling. We call this the ‘Why’ of an organization.

The efficiencies that serve this ‘Why’ are the ‘How’ of an organization. Like two wings on a bird, the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ work together in a careful flow of balance and discernment. This flow creates, either consciously or unconsciously, the company culture.

Organizations thrive when their culture is both deliberate and engaged with collaboratively. Our programs help companies to:

  • Define what is their ‘Why’
  • Define how they serve that ‘Why’
  • Identify ‘Accidental Values’ and how to disengage them
  • Inspire ‘Buy in’ from all members of the organization
  • Align projects, products and services to serve the ‘Why’
  • Support each member of the organization to define their own passion and calling within the large whole
  • Define place and belonging of the organization
  • Create a culture that liberates the capital of everyone involved — employees, customers, executives and their community