Destination: Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a great personal or organizational retreat destination

santafeWe can come to you, but you may also want to consider coming to us! Located in the magical, culturally and historically rich and diverse confluence between the Rocky Mountains and the high Northern New Mexico desert, Santa Fe offers the ideal location for gathering, deep reflection and self-exploration. Its beautiful vast landscape will fascinate and inspire you. Its art and extensive community of art galleries span ancient traditional techniques to the most contemporary and edgy. Santa Fe features world class accommodations and cuisine, as well as skilled healing practitioners and yoga centers. Many visitors to Santa Fe report that just being there changes their lives.

The ancient cultures abundant in this region also help inform and influence our work at the Institute.

In this part of the world, people from diverse backgrounds have worked together successfully for generations. That context consistently informs our program.

santafe-homeMost families in northern New Mexico irrigate their farmland and fruit orchards using an extensive network of acequias – hand-dug ditches – in continuous use for over 400 years. The governance of these acequias adheres to a few similarly essential principles of “inner physics” to shape its foundational structures – while adapting to often radically changing conditions, through multiple seasons of both drought and flood, scarcity and abundance.

It is intensely collaborative – anyone who receives water from the ditch must play an active, personal part in cleaning and maintaining the ditch. Like a herd of horses, they employ a moveable hierarchy. This simple structure has allowed the acequia system to remain successfully self-sustaining.

Similarly, native pueblo self-governance demands a capacity to find the necessary talents for survival within their own community, an intuitive ability to find the gift in each person, and a fierce attention to the proper timing and size for each new undertaking. Every member of the pueblo is presumed to be a leader in some way – again, a moveable hierarchy. Their form of self-governance has sustained them for over one thousand years.

These two ‘business models’ are neither ‘cutting edge’ nor based on new-age philosophy. The lives of families and communities literally hang in the balance. When people share a covenant to sustain a living, life-giving community, everyone counts. It is assumed that everyone, regardless of wealth, background or status, has some gift that will bring genuine benefit to the common good. This belief is paramount to their success.