Families of Wealth

Families that build upon a lineage of success and accomplishment can make enduring positive changes for successive generations, and for the communities in which they live.

Within every family there lives an abundance of hidden capital. Our programs liberate these gifts, helping families live and work together with vitality, curiosity and ease. They discover a deeper wealth that serves both their family legacy, and ultimately, the world.

Families of wealth invariably encounter a range of emotional responses that can be confusing, frustrating, even discouraging. The Institute of the Southwest helps families see more clearly how these emotions are both common and predictable. They arise naturally, and families can use these difficult emotions as clear information to help them move forward together.

Common situations families of wealth encounter as they grow and change:
Families thrive in the soil of love and trust. Certain inevitable human imperfections – imbalances of power used unskillfully, fractured alliances that divide, ambitions or schemes that poison relationships – can erode the love and trust required for authentic family happiness, collaboration, or growth.

They can expect much of themselves and others. For some, this is a powerful motivating agent. Others feel less confident, inadequate, unworthy, or never good enough. For them, family expectations may feel like an emotional burden. They can feel paralyzed, withdraw from the family, or even appear to surrender all ambition.

Some in the family are naturally spacious, generous with their time and care, offering resources and attention to family and community. Others live with a fear of insufficiency. They are more careful about sharing their resources, time, even their care for others, leaning instead into loneliness or isolation.

Strong family bonds in life and work are a gift to those who enjoy sharing their triumphs and challenges. Others feel this closeness limits their freedom, unable to pursue their unique dreams or goals – particularly those radically different from the family.

Suggested Programs:

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