Family Legacy Creation

As a family business, or a family of wealth, creating a deliberate legacy, informed by meaning and vision is an essential way to sustain your family’s wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of the communities and organizations that it touches and influences.

Through a carefully custom-created approach, guided by one or two of our highly qualified facilitators, we can help you to ask the right questions that will guide your family in a direction that is inspired and has the emotional investment of every member.

Some places we will explore:

  • What is the ‘why’ of your family business?
  • When has your family been at their best, and what were the circumstances surrounding that?
  • What is the gift that your family brings to the world; what are others drawn to?
  • Does every member feel seen, heard and known?
  • What is the common language and vision of the family?
  • What are each members dreams and desires?

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