Liberating Leadership

We want to trust our leaders. If they are strong and clear, we are inclined to work hard and invest our best time and attention on their behalf. In authentic leaders, this authority arises naturally from within them.

Unconfident leaders can be dangerous; if they mistrust their inner authority, they rely instead on the strength of their position or the misuse of power to manipulate or control others. Employees, might, out of fear and intimidation, perform to the expectations of such leaders. But they will never align with, or commit to, the leader’s success – or the success of their group, their organization or its mission.

The Institute of the Southwest helps create and support great leaders. Our programs explore:

  • How true leadership liberates joy
  • How strong leadership makes leaders
  • The origin of great leadership, and where to find it
  • How to trust and claim one’s authority
  • The understanding of the simple yet elegant system physics and ‘how things work’
  • Creating a no ‘right / wrong’ paradigm
  • Learning right timing and right ‘feel’
  • The power of presence as a leader
  • Learning to implement ‘power with’ vs ‘power over’
  • The difference between ‘nice’ and ‘just’
  • Engaging inspiration vs. manipulation