Life Coaching

You carry a lot of responsibility, whether you are a parent, a professional, a community member, an artist, an entrepreneur, a care-giver, or all of these things. Having someone in your corner with enough life experience to help you tap into your own innate wisdom can help you sleep at night, and feel some dominion over your circumstances and choices.

Our advisors are trusted companions on a journey that is always full of challenges and opportunities – your life. Rather than approach you with answers, through careful inquiry, we reflect back what you deeply know, and help you to harness that wisdom so that you are guided by meaning, honesty and courage.

When you call our offices, we will listen carefully to your unique needs and suggest an advisor / coach out of our faculty who is best suited to accompany you based on your needs and their experience and background.

Contact Wayne Muller for more information at 505.930.1978 or .