One-Day Private Intensives

One-day or Multi-day Private Intensive Retreats

For individuals, executives, families, couples, and groups

You may find yourself at a particular crossroads personally or professionally. Such a time requires unhurried, present, care and attention to the choices upon you, and the qualities required in you to move forward skillfully and effectively. An individual, personalized retreat is made of unhurried days, mindfully crafted to serve you particular needs and intentions.

Through collaboration, inquiry, contemplation, curiosity, and exploration, you will be supported to listen for how to reveal and nourish your gifts, strengths and for your deepest happiness and success.

This sanctuary in time, immersed in a vital curriculum that supports breakthrough and insight, is also supported not only by the breathtaking landscape of Northern New Mexico and its ancient culture and sacred sites, but by a rich circle of bodyworkers, yoga teachers, meditation teachers (available if you choose to use them) – all the while retaining generous time for hiking, creativity, nothing in particular, and rest.

After the retreat, follow up sessions help integrate, into the real soil of our daily lives, whatever seeds may be planted or discovered during the retreat experience.

A retreat is no mere selfish indulgence; it is a radical act. By offering a fierce no to the relentless demands of the world, you claim a radical yes to more honorably sustain a potent, essential wholeness, and take hold of a deep, healing stillness, not only for ourselves, but for those close to us, those we love, or for whom we serve and lead.

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