Organizational Workshops

The path of top-down, non-collaborative leadership has outlived its time and effectiveness; it wastes resources, irreparably damages living systems everywhere, and threatens our enthusiasm, creativity, passion and overall well-being. Attentive leaders and organizations everywhere seek proven, sustainable models for the way forward.

The Institute of the Southwest has developed specifically designed curriculum to offer collaborative consultation to organizations and corporations ready, willing and able to change. We emphasize pedagogical models our clients can use for ongoing learning or training, specifically to lay the foundation for their clients’ independent, self- organizing growth, development and evolution.

The curriculum of the Institute of the Southwest is grounded in ancient principles: presence; timing; rhythms; the liberation of hidden capital; and a return to the elegant simplicity of how things work.

We use basic, elemental practices to reveal and illuminate how all complex systems work according to simple, observable laws of cause and effect. People in leadership teams, families and organizations learn to name and differentiate gifts and talents, create a supple, moveable hierarchy, and most importantly, learn to identify with their own innate wisdom, how it feels when we move from top-down leadership to collaborative leadership.

We believe that everyone matters; each person has something to bring to the table; and that capital, often hidden, lost or forgotten, once discovered, can be woven into an abundance of common wealth that brings benefit to the company, the customer, the investors, and the world.

We do this work only in environments that are emotionally safe, and demand mutual respect, honesty and trust. Finally, we presume each and every client is free to learn and grow in their time, in their way.

Consequently, we emphasize whatever brings clarity or growth, and less on diagnosis or pathology. We illuminate whatever gifts, talents, skills or wisdom already exist within a person, family or organization. There is a wealth of hidden, latent capital overlooked, taken for granted or unseen in every person, family or team. We spend less time teaching clients to gain new methodologies, skills or theories, but rather emphasize those insights ready to be integrated – intellectually, emotionally, and within the body as well, a somatic learning memory that creates and insures lasting change.

While dramatic breakthroughs are common, our work is to support the individual and organization to support whatever is revealed through a long-term system of integration, supporting insights and learnings that translate into the real work of daily life.

ISW’s preferred methods, principles and tools include:

  • Uncovering ancient, common vision and purpose
  • The Richness of ‘I-thou’ vs. ‘I-It’ relationships
  • Discerning the ‘How’ must serve the ‘Why’
  • The Practice of Honest, Courageous Conversations
  • Dialogue, Reflection and Collaborative Conversation
  • Authentic Collaborative Leadership
  • Thinking in Systems
  • Strength assessments vs. needs assessments
  • How Curiosity Heals Judgment
  • Emergent Learning Maps
  • The Power of Presence
  • The Necessity of Cultivating Congruence
  • The Elements of Trust
  • Use of inter-species relationships to understand collaboration
  • A ‘non-predatory’ approach to leadership
  • Sabbaticals
  • Story Circles
  • Experiential learning
  • Self-mastery
  • Exploring our assumptions and beliefs
  • Exploring our Immunity to Change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Somatic intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Understanding non-verbal communications
  • Intuition, wisdom and invisible ways of knowing
  • Leadership as service
  • Safety created by “Right Use of Power”
  • Liberating capital that is already latent in an organization, person, family or system
  • Freeing the potential of that existing capital to create a common wealth for the benefit of all

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