Self Mastery

The ancient Greek  aphorism, ‘Know Thyself’ is best applied to our work at The Institute of the Southwest, for we believe that you already have within you the gifts and strengths necessary to be successful in your life. What is required is simply time and spaciousness to be with yourself in a way that uncovers these gifts and liberates their capacity.

Who are you? What is your passion and desire? What pulls you? What were you put on this earth to do? How do you know? These are important questions.

Our programs are developed to identify and lift up your authentic calling and your strengths and gifts, and in so doing, identify ways we may sabotage our birth right to happiness, joy, success and an inspired, creative life. We explore the following themes:

  • The sufficiency and power of our own presence
  • How to tell ourselves the truth
  • Exploring the ‘Why’ of our life and our life’s work and endeavors
  • Definining our precepts and fidelities that serve this ‘Why’
  • Understanding the real meaning of ‘self care’
  • Assuming leadership and sovereignty in the arena of our life
  • Understanding our right to be here and take up space, time and influence
  • Developing charisma
  • Discovering the gift to others of our boundaries and limitations
  • Identifying seductions that threaten to sabotage our best efforts