Supporting Transition

We live in a rapidly changing world with little security and much loss and risk. Mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, professional life changes, birth, death and chronic illness are all part of the fabric of what seems to be a very unstable environment. It is also potent soil from which great transformation and growth can occur.

It’s important during these times to find good, sound and wise company for your journey, to accompany you through the pivotal choice-points that will arise and remind you of your wisdom and inner guidance.

We work with individuals, companies, organizations and families who:

  • Are dealing with a merger or acquisition
  • Are facing some kind of loss—death, illness or layoff
  • Are encountering a new situation professionally or personally
  • Are transitioning professionally

We support by:

  • Helping to create buy-in for a new company culture
  • Support heal the syndrome of ‘survivor’s guilt’ in mergers / acquisitions and loss
  • Support a healthy process through culture clash in mergers / acquisitions
  • Cultivating trust
  • Helping to create safety
  • Cultivating listening