Team Development

The success of any team depends upon each person’s ability not only to show up authentically, but also be invested in the good of the whole.

‘Team building’ has become an over-used term. In response, The Institute of the Southwest does not have off-the-shelf’ programs designed to increase efficiencies and cooperation. Instead, our advisors listen to exactly what is happening within your organization, and what precise needs you may have. From there, we design a custom created solution that will effectively bring change.

Rather than addressing what is not working within a team, we explore what gifts and strengths are already latent within a system, that can be empowered to turn events and change dynamics. We work with a system, instead of against it. This means your organization experiences long term transformation, and can thrive without constant monitoring or consulting.

Questions we often ask:

  • Where does trust reside within the group?
  • Who speaks out, and who does not?
  • Is there clear understanding behind their purpose?
  • What is the group’s response to stress?
  • When has the group been at their best, and what circumstances were at play at that time?
  • When is there clarity, and when is there unclarity?
  • What is the common ambition of the group? Is there anyone outside of that ambition?
  • What is the ‘why’ to which we can inspire each member’s investment?

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