Wayne Muller, Founder


Wayne Muller, President and founder

Wayne is an executive leadership mentor, therapist, minister, community advocate, consultant, public speaker, and bestselling author of several books. His book Sabbath was listed in Harvard Business Review as one of the top ten business books. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he has spent the last thirty-five years working with people suffering abuse, alcoholism, poverty, illness and loss. He works with individuals, families, groups and organizations to explore the ‘inner hidden capital’ that exists within them, and helps to bring these gifts to the fore, empowering clients to discover their innate wisdom, guidance and optimal possibilities.

In addition to collaborating with individuals in significant life changes, Wayne consults with numerous community organizations, corporations, educational institutions and healthcare corporations. He is the visionary founder of Bread for the Journey – a network of ordinary people who engage in grassroots, neighborhood philanthropy through micro-grants. He has served as Senior Scholar at the Fetzer Institute, is an Extended Faculty at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and has received numerous awards for his work with those in need.

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Wayne Muller gently moved me beyond the questions of Why? and Why me?, helped me step over the barriers of guilt and shame and encouraged me to look through my wounds as through a window that opens to a new view of who I am and where I am called to go.”

— Henri Nouwen, Pastor, Daybreak Community, Toronto; author of “The Wounded Healer”


“I cannot remember a retreat where I felt such a powerful sense of healing and great love. Wayne’s ability to create a sacred space allowed each of us to share from a deep personal place. But more important, I felt a sense of wholeness, possibilities and joy.”

– Velma Wachter